Friday, 10 August 2012

The session on Tuesday went really well (see 'comments' from the previous post for more details!)

Since then, we have established the MAIN commission, and set up for the tension to come this week!

On Friday, Viv popped into the school dropped off a special parcel for the company, and a letter from David (which will be our commission letter). David's letter suggests that the museum might think about a special exhibition of toys of a different kind of value - like his precious teddy (which is in the parcel). He suggests that the exhibition could include both the toys themselves and the stories about what makes each toy so special - the adventures they have had. So children will need to work this up with care (quality writing). The commission also suggests that the exhibit could be interactive in some way. We can work with children on how this might work, using drama. The opening of the exhibition will be 28th August (our final session) and David will attend...

Children / company members will now start to work more independently - in an inquiry phase. They can decide what their exhibit will be - and the teacher will help them work out whether to work individually or in groups on a particular exhibit.

The children might want to make an exhibit around the "lost toys" they found last week - or they may have toys from home - or from literature.... (this is a perfect time to be bringing in picture books or short stories based on toys - there are heaps of examples out there... These can be framed into the drama as "reading material to help us research which toys we might exhibit")

On Tuesday the key tension will involve David's teddy and what the restorers have in mind for him. I'm preparing photos for the big reveal... Meanwhile, the children can write a response to David's letter and start to work on their own exhibits...

Enthusiasm is high and the scene has been set for deep, engaged learning.
Thanks everyone!

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